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All the text and Images/Paintings on this Web server are copyright © 1996 Ann E. March. However, I am happy to permit the use of this material under the following conditions:

Non-commercial Web use of Digital Artwork:
If you have a personal home page or non-commercial Web service, please feel free to use my paintings with hyperlinked credit:

Paintings courtesy Ann March Watercolours at WEB site http://www.annmarch.co.uk

You do not need to pay for usage, but I would appreciate an E-mail message from you informing me that you will be using my material.

Commercial WEB use of Digital Artwork:
If you would like to use my pictures on a commercial WWW page, then please do the following:
  1. Register the URL with me (sending email is fine)
  2. Add the hyperlinked credit as above

    Contact me about the specific desired use and we can discuss a reasonable price. The price will depend on just how you want to use the painting and what kind of visability it will get.

If you see one of my paintings in a magazine or a Web page and there is no credit, then it is definitely unauthorised. If you are the first person to tell me about it, I'll send you a free print for your wall.

Use of paintings in print:
If you are doing a story, book, or CD-ROM about the World WideWeb, please feel free to include a page or two of mine under the following conditions:
  1. Screen captures must be made from a computer with a 24-bit color videoboard. Machines with 8-bit cards produce distorted images and colors.

  2. The URL must be legible in the capture or separately printed in a caption.

  3. A small credit must be printed reading "Web page courtesy Ann March (watercolour@annmarch.co.uk)"

  4. Send me E-mail informing me of the usage and/or Snail Mail a copy of the finished item.
Other Use of my Paintings:
If you simply want to use my paintings to illustrate an article, use in advertising, in a brochure, book, magazine or any other printed medium, that is not about my Web pages, e.g., you just want a flower painting to go with a story on flowers, then that is commercial usage, you are not covered by any of these blanket licenses, and you should send me E-mail with a proposal.

My paintings as prints or greeting cards:
If you really like my work and believe in me and would consider investing in my work like helping me pay for a limited edition print run or help me pay to get some greeting cards printed, then please E-mail me, and we can discuss an agreement.

Paintings provided as artwork:
If we end up working out an agreement where you are using my paintings for something, I can provide them to you in many forms.

Ann E. March B.A.

14 Spa Close, Highworth, WILTSHIRE SN6 7PJ, UNITED KINGDOM
International Phone: (00-9-44) 1793-766548 | UK Phone: 01793-766548

Please call for Sales or Commissions and thanks for viewing my webpage.

Send mail to : watercolour@annmarch.co.uk with any questions or comments

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