DATES for 2007

   JANUARY       Sat. 20th.   
   FEBRUARY       Sat. 3rd.       Sat. 17th.   
   MARCH       Sat. 3rd.       Sat. 17th.   
   APRIL       Sat. 7th.       Sat. 21st.   
   MAY       Sat. 5th.       Sat. 19th.   
   JUNE       Sat. 2nd.       Sat. 16th.   
   JULY       Sat. 7th.       Sat. 21st.   
   AUGUST       Sat. 4th.       Sat. 18th.   
   SEPTEMBER       Sat. 1st.       Sat. 15th.   
   OCTOBER       Sat. 6th.       Sat. 20th.   
   NOVEMBER       Sat. 3rd.       Sat. 17th.   
   DECEMBER       Sat. 1st.       Sat. 15th.   

The Craftsmans Market is open on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month from 10am to 4.30pm. It was established in 1975 to provide an opportunity for people to buy or commission high quality handmade goods direct from the craftsmen. Cirencester, Gloucestershire is an unspoilt market town with its history going back to Roman times. The Corn Hall is situated in the Market Place, in the centre of Cirencester and it is a short walk to car parking.

If you are visiting the area, don't miss the opportunity to shop for unique and unusual gifts.

Apart from my watercolours, amongst the crafts on sale you will find ...... Handmade pottery ... Felt Bags ... Jewellery ... Saddlery and Leather Work ... ... Bespoke Picture Framing ... Printmaking and Design ... Stained Glass ... Wood Turning ... Knitwear ... Gold and Silver Jewellery ... Tapestry Day & Travel Luggage ... Miniture Stonecraft ... Baskets ... Silk Embroidery ... Footstools ... Wooden Toys & Games ... Clocks ... Candlesticks ... Candles ... and much, much more ...

Visit the InterNet Craft Fair for crafts in the UK. With details of crafters, suppliers, craft guilds, organisations and forthcoming craft events.